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Are Gyru-Star Screening Buckets the Key to Maximising the Capabilities of Your Agricultural Machinery?

A Gyru-Star screening bucket on a Manitou telehandler
Gyru-Star screening buckets are available for all types of agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery can be a major investment for your business, and one of the best ways to make the most of this investment, is to maximise the capabilities of your machines. Gyru-Star Compact Screening Systems are designed to do exactly this and offer operators the ability to quickly turn their liabilities into assets.

Gyru-Star’s non-destructive screening capabilities open up a vast range of potential applications, from recycling waste material to soil improvement and to road gritting. Whether you’re an agricultural contractor, landscaper, arborist or general builder, a Gyru-Star screening bucket has the potential to revolutionise your day-to-day operations.

One of the main advantages of a Gyru-Star screening bucket, is the ability to combine multiple processes or actions into one. Whether you want to screen backfilling material straight into a trench, or blend soil and compost whilst loading onto a trailer, a Gyru-Star screening bucket will save you time and money, whilst increasing your productivity. 

One Attachment. Unlimited Applications 

Probably one of the most versatile attachments you will ever own. Although the list of potential applications is almost endless, here’s a few of the most common ones: 


A blue Gyru-Star 3-150MAX on a wheeled excavator
Screen aggregates with ease using a Gyru-Star screening bucket

Turn your liabilities into assets, by quickly and efficiently recycling waste material into a high-quality product. Gyru-Sar screening buckets can also be used to mix and blend aggregates and sort material by size. This is especially useful when repurposing crusher run and other waste material.

You can read about how one customer in North-East England used their Gyru-Star 4-100HE to recycle crusher run into drainage stone here

Spreading Material

The large screening area of Gyru-Star screening buckets make them ideal for evenly spreading material, such as soil, stone and even road grit. This has proven useful for landscape contractors, who have used their Gyru-Star buckets to spread topsoil before laying turf. One customer in Sweden also uses their bucket for gritting icy roads.

Another customer, also in Sweden, used their bucket to dust tulips with snow collected from local ice rinks. This was to prevent them from flowering too early before an upcoming tulip festival. 

Cable and Pipeline

Create high-quality padding material by processing trench arisings on-site, using your existing carriers. Ideal for remote or hard to access sites, which may be inaccessible for tracked screeners and HGVs. Using a Gyru-Star screening bucket to backfill the trench combines screening and backfilling into a single process, saving you vital time and reducing machinery and fuel costs. 

Soil and Compost

Create high quality topsoil by mixing and blending soil and compost, whilst also removing rocks, roots and other oversized materials. In addition, the soil and compost are aerated during the screening process. This can aid in drying the material and promoting decomposition. 


Pre-screen organic materials for automated biomass systems, ensuring that any impurities are removed, and that the material is a uniform size. For contractors, or anyone else selling on material for biomass, can also use this to improve the quality of their product, and command a higher value. 

Why Choose Gyru-Star for Your Agricultural Machinery

So why choose Gyru-Star? What is it that sets us apart from the competition and has made us the No1. screening bucket for agricultural machinery?

A True Screening™ Solution 

Gyru-Star screening buckets are a True Screening ™ solution. This means that not only are they non-destructive, but that they can maintain screening efficiency in all conditions.

Every bucket in the range comes standard with a non-stick stainless-steel floor. Coupled with the flexible poly-star rotors, this enables Gyru-Star screening buckets effectively screen wet and sticky materials, such as clay-heavy soils. 

Compatible With All Your Machinery 

The Gyru-Star range is one of biggest in the industry, with 30 models across 6 ranges, to suit carriers from 1 to 30 tons. The purpose behind this extensive range, is to ensure that no matter the type or size of carrier you are using, you will be able to get the highest screening capacity possible from your machine. 

Our range of screening buckets covers all types of carriers, including: 

  • Excavators 

  • Compact loaders 

  • Telehandlers 

  • Tractors (inc. compact tractors) 

  • Wheel loaders 

  • Skid Steers 

Whilst the E, L and SL ranges have been optimised for specific types of carriers, the HE*, HDX and MAX ranges are compatible with both excavators and loaders. When paired with a Kustom Konnect dual interface, they can be quickly swapped between different types of carriers. This means one bucket can be used across your entire fleet (weight dependant), eliminating the need to purchase multiple screening buckets. 

*Some HE models are excavator specific. Compatibility for each model is listed on the relevant product page. 

Screen Material Right Where It’s Needed 

Gyru-Star 3-120HE on an Avant Compact Loader
Gyru-Star 3-120HE on an Avant Compact Loader

Thanks to their compact size and weight, Gyru-Star screening buckets can go anywhere your carrier can, from the confines of a back garden landscaping project to a remote corner of your farm. 

In Sweden, the Gyru-Star MAX range has proven popular on remote pipeline projects, which are impossible for tracked screeners or HGVs to access.

With a Gyru-Star screening bucket, you can screen material right where it’s need, using machines you already have on site. 

Ultra-Low Maintenance 

With a durable self-tensioning carbon belt drive, and sealed bearings throughout, you can forget about greasing and other daily maintenance tasks. Gyru-Star screening buckets keep downtime to a minimum and ensure that you can keep working when it matters the most. 


Gyru-Star screening buckets are the obvious choice for improving your productivity and maximising the capabilities of your agricultural equipment. With just one attachment you can screen, mix, spread and blend, and this can be all be done right where the material is needed with machines you already own. 

Furthermore, Gyru-Star is a brand name you can rely on, with each and every one of screening buckets is designed and manufactured in Gloucestershire, by Wheatway Solutions Limited. 

Where Can I Buy a Gyru-Star Screening Bucket? 

Gyru-Star compact Screening Systems are available worldwide, from our network of authorised dealers and distributors. You can find your nearest Gyru-Star dealer here.

Thinking About Becoming a Gyru-Star Dealer?

Get in touch with our team today at

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