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5 Cost-Saving Benefits of Gyru-Star Screening Buckets 

A Gyru-Star screening bucket on an excavator
Gyru-Star are the leading manufacturer of non-destructive screening attachments

Screening buckets offer a versatile solution for businesses looking to make the most out of their excavators and loaders. With a vast range of applications, they can quickly pay for themselves, replacing many other stand-alone machines. Investing in a screening attachment is by far the easiest way to maximise the capabilities of your existing machinery, whilst streaming your workflow.

In this article, we’re going to explore 5 cost-saving benefits of Gyru-Star Screening Buckets, and how they can benefit your business.

No.1 Transform Your Liabilities into Assets by Recycling Waste Material On-Site

Gyru-Star Compact Screening Systems allow you to reclaim valuable materials which would otherwise be discarded. One common use for screening buckets is removing unwanted debris, such as rocks and roots from topsoil. Whilst one customer in Northeast England used their Gyru-Star 4-100HE to turn crusher run into high-quality drainage stone. 

By incorporating these types of attachments into your workflow, you can not only reduce your material and waste disposal costs but also the environmental impact of your projects. 

With Gyru-Star screening buckets, you can quickly and easily turn your liabilities into assets!

No.2 Reduce Transportation Expenses for Both Materials and Equipment

Gyru-Star Compact Screening Systems are a compact and lightweight alternative to tracked or static screeners. Easily transported with the carrier, you can reduce the number of vehicles required on-site and keep your fuel costs down.

Furthermore, screening buckets enable material to be processed exactly where it is needed, using machinery you already have on-site. This can be especially important on remote or hard-to-access sites, where HGV or heavy equipment access may be limited. 

The ability to process materials on-site reduces the need for additional handling and transport, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and cost-effective approach to screening and processing materials.

No.3 Reduced Maintenance Requirements Minimise Downtime

The design of Gyru-Star screening buckets prioritises reliability and minimal maintenance to ensure that you can keep working without interruptions. Unlike other screening buckets that rely on outdated chain drive systems, Gyru-Star buckets use advanced carbon belt drives. This innovative system offers a quieter operation, increased reliability, and significantly reduced maintenance requirements.

By choosing Gyru-Star screening buckets, you are investing in a solution that is ready to work from the moment it arrives on site. This means less time spent on servicing and maintenance, and more time focused on maximising your productivity and getting the job done efficiently.

No.4 Use One Bucket with All of Your Machines

If you find yourself working with different types of brands of machinery, then the costs of outfitting each machine with the necessary attachments can quickly add up. This is why many of the models in the Gyru-Star range have been designed to work with both excavators and loaders.

When ordering any model in the Gyru-Star, you have the option to spec your bucket with a bespoke head plate, interface or rail system, from Kustom Konnect. This includes dual interface and sliding pin head plates, which allow the bucket to be quickly swapped between carriers (provided they are within the correct weight range for that model).

This versatility streamlines your operations by eliminating the need to purchase attachments specific to each of your carriers, also further enhancing on-site productivity and efficiency.

No.4 Maximise the Usable Product and Minimise Waste

Unlike traditional methods that may crush, tear, or shred the product, Gyru-Star's non-destructive poly-star rotors ensure that the material is safely screened without damage.

This eliminates concerns about product integrity and maximises the amount of usable material which is produced. With Gyru-Star, you can screen with confidence, knowing that your materials are being processed efficiently and effectively without any compromise on quality.


The benefits of Gyru-Star Screening Buckets extend far beyond just cost savings. By incorporating this innovative attachment into your operations, you're not only maximising the capabilities of your existing machinery but also revolutionizing your workflow.

With Gyru-Star Screening Buckets, you're not just saving costs - you're investing in a solution that optimises productivity, sustainability, and the overall effectiveness of your operations.

Find Your Local Dealer

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