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Case Study: Turning Crusher Waste into Drainage Stone with the Gyru-Star 4-100HE

Gyru-Star 4-100HE on a white and red excavator
Archive Image of a Gyru-Star 4-100HE

Key Information

Date: Spring 2021

Location: Northeast England, UK

Model: Gyru-Star 4-100HE

Carrier: Kobelco SK 75 SR-7 Excavator with a Rototilt RC3 Tilt Rotator

Application: Recycling crusher waste into drainage stone

How a Gyru-Star 4-100HE Saved the Day on a Remote Construction Project

While many Gyru-Star customers initially purchase their screening buckets for a specific task or application, their versatility means that operators soon find new uses for them, even those most of us might not normally think of.

One customer, a farmer in Northeast England, found exactly that during a construction project on their remote farm. Early on in the project, they purchased a Gyru-Star 4-100HE, from S.J. Pigg Plant Repairs, their local Gyru-Star dealer.

The customer originally sought a screening attachment for their Kobelco SK 75 SR-7 excavator, to improve soil quality around a new farm building. When collecting their new bucket from S.J. Pigg, they commented that they probably wouldn’t use the bucket too much. However, this was not to be the case!

The day before the concrete foundations of the new building were due to be poured, they hit a problem. Whilst finishing a drain, they realised that they had depleted their supply of clean single-size drainage stone.

Being late in the day, there was not enough time to go and collect more material. To make matters worse, the rural location of the site meant that there was no phone signal, preventing them from ordering more for delivery.

Thankfully, the customer had their Gyru-Star 4-100HE screening bucket on hand, which had a 20mm fragment kit installed.

Using the bucket on their Kobelco SK 75 SR 7, they were able to process waste crusher run from a previous project into drainage stone. The Gyru-Star bucket made short work of turning the waste material, separating the material without crushing shredding or tearing.

This left the customer with two piles of usable material, from what would otherwise have been waste. The pile of >20mm material was used as drainage stone, allowing them to finish the project on time and save on additional material costs.

Furthermore, the customer also utilised the <20mm, using it on the building’s floor to flatten out the uneven surfaces.

This case study is a testament to the versatility of Gyru-Star Compact Screening Systems, and an excellent example of how they can save you and your business money.

Thank you to S.J. Pigg Plant Repairs for this case study.

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