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Maximising Capabilities: 10 Applications for Your Gyru-Star Screening Bucket

A yellow excavator sat on a pile of dirt, with a Gyru-Star screening bucket mounted to it's arm

Gyru-Star Compact Screening Systems are highly versatile attachments, designed to maximise the capabilities of your excavators and loaders.

Used across a wide range of industries, from agriculture to construction, the list of potential applications is almost endless. However, we’ve put together a list of some of the more common, and unusual applications for Gyru-Star screening buckets.

Here are some of the most common uses of our non-destructive screening attachments. 

Common Applications for Gyru-Star Screening Buckets

Mixing and Blending 

A Gyru-Star screening bucket on a case skid steer mixing top soil
The Gyru-Star SL Range is Specific to Skid Steer Loaders

Gyru-Star screening buckets are commonly used for mixing and blending a variety of materials, including soil, compost and aggregates. Their non-destructive poly-star rotors can mix and blend the material without crushing, shredding or tearing, ensuring no material is wasted.

This has led to Gyru-Star screening attachments becoming a popular choice in the agricultural, horticultural, landscaping and construction industries. 

Creating High-Quality Topsoil

Gyru-Star’s non-destructive screening capability also makes it the perfect solution for creating high-quality topsoil. Roots, rocks and oversize material are quickly removed, without damaging the product. A common application in the landscaping industry, many contractors and operators have used Gyru-Star screening buckets to turn their waste materials into topsoil, which they can then sell on, or use elsewhere on the project. 

Recycling Construction and Demolition Waste 

A blue Gyru-Star screening bucket on a wheeled excavator
Gyru-Star Screening Buckets are Designed to Handle Any Material You May Need to Process

Disposing of waste material from construction and demolition projects can be both expensive and time-consuming. Gyru-Star Screening buckets allow for waste material to be recycled onsite, using the machines you already have.

After running out of drainage stone on a construction project, one operator in the UK used their Gyru-Star screening bucket to create new material from crusher waste. As well as creating drainage stone from the >20mm material, they were able to use the <20mm material elsewhere on the project, evening out the floor of a new building. 

Aerating Soil and Compost 

Operators in the horticultural industry have also made good use of Gyru-Star’s non-destructive screening capability, using their buckets to aerate soil and compost. With models to suit compact loaders, tractors and telehandlers, material can be processed quickly and efficiently, without the risk of destroying the compost. 

Pre-Screening Biomass Material 

Gyru-Star screening buckets are also ideal for pre-screening organic material for automated biomass systems. Oversize material and impurities are quickly removed, without shredding the product. For landscaping or arboricultural contractors, who sell their waste for biomass, pre-screening the material can help ensure that they get the best possible price. 

Furthermore, for those operating biomass facilities, Gyru-Star presents a fast, efficient, and most importantly, affordable screening solution for processing organic material. 

Backfilling Cable and Pipe Trenches 

A yellow excavator backfilling a pipeline trench with a blue Gyru-Star screening bucket
The Gyru-Star MAX Range is Designed for Cable and Pipeline Padding

One of the most common uses for Gyru-Star screening buckets is backfilling cable and pipe trenches. Underground cables and pipes must be padded with material of a specific size, to protect them from damage. Gyru-Star screening buckets allow the trench arisings to be turned into a high-quality padding material, eliminating the need to purchase new material or hire large, expensive tracked or static screening plant.

Not only this but with Gyru-Star screening buckets, you can screen directly into the trench. This has several benefits, including: 

  • Save time by combining the screening and backfilling processes into a single operation. 

  • The material is spread evenly over the cables or pipes, ready for compaction. 

  • The entire job, from excavation to backfilling, can be done with just one machine. 

  • Save money by recycling waste material, instead of purchasing new padding material. 

  • Easily reach rural or remote sites where HGV access for material delivery may be difficult. 

The Gyru-Star MAX range has been designed specifically for backfilling cable and pipe trenches. Find out more about the MAX range here. 

Other Applications for Gyru-Star Screening Buckets

This is by no means a comprehensive list of Gyru-Star’s potential applications, and we are always hearing of new and innovative ways customers have put their Gyru-Star screening buckets to use. 

Here are some of the more unusual uses we’ve heard about. 

Spreading Soil for Grass Seeding 

When preparing the ground for seeding grass, some operators have used their Gyru-Star buckets to evenly spread the soil. Not only is this process far quicker than spreading the soil by hand, but it ensures a more even spread and removes any oversized material. 

Spreading Snow on Tulips 

In May 2019, the Swedish town of Skövde had the honour of hosting the country’s annual tulip festival. However, that year an abnormally warm winter caused some of the tulips to flower 3 months early.

To prevent the rest of the tulips from flowering too early, the organisers had to find a way of keeping the plants cold. However, a solution presented itself in the form of a Gyru-Star screening bucket. Ice shavings, collected from local ice rinks, were spread onto the flowers using the Gyru-Star bucket, to simulate snowfall. This prevented the tulips from flowering early, ensuring they were ready for the mid-May festival.  

Removing Volcanic Rock from Farmland 

In Korea, one customer has been using their Gyru-Star 4-150MAX to remove volcanic rocks from the soil on their farm, which is located on an extinct volcanic island. If they’re not removed, the rocks can cause damage to both crops and farm equipment. With 4-150MAX makes quick work of removing the rocks, whilst preserving the quality of the topsoil. 

Gritting Icy Roads in Winter 

One operator in Sweden has been using their Gyru-Star screening bucket to grit icy roads during the winter. Similar to spreading the soil, the process was far faster than spreading by with just a shovel, and the rolling action of the poly-stars broke up any lumps, ensuring an even spread of grit across the road. 

Have You Found an Unusual Use for Your Gyru-Star Screening Bucket? 

Found an unusual use for your Gyru-Star screening bucket? We’d love to hear about it! 

Send your story to 

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