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Top Soil

Used in landscape renovation, our screening buckets can be used to remove stones, vegetation and oversized materials to prepare the soil to be reused. 

Once screened the topsoil can then be used to level out sports fields, pitches and  gardens, to create raised beds and even improve the existing soil quality. 

Pipe & Cable Padding

Since screening materials on site has become more favourable for pipe and cable padding. We offer a special range just for this, the MAX. The longer wider cutting edge means it is easier to pick up longer piles of material which, can be screened directly into the trench leaving the oversized material in the bucket. Our buckets help you reuse your materials on site, saving you money and time. 

Mixing & Blending 

Mixing pre-screened soil with compost and other materials to improve the final product. This higher nutrient soil can then be used to aid growth of crops and plants. 

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Demolition Waste Recycling

Our Gyru-Star compact screening systems can  be used to screen demolition waste before crushing. Since our Gyru-Star compact screening systems have a more affordable running cost only the oversized fragments are crushed. 


Our Gyru-Star Compact Screening Systems can accelerate the drying and conditioning of soil and compost. When the material is screened by our Gyru-Star buckets a rolling action is created agitating the material, this adds air into the mixture allowing the product to dry more easily. 

Compost Recycling

The Gyru-Star compact screening systems can be used to separate compostable and non compostable items as well as mixing and turning the materials to accelerate the composting process. 


Our Gyru-Star screening buckets have been used to screen snow to prevent tulips from early blooming as well as screening  root mat to produce a reusable product and mulch to save time and money on getting the correct graded size. 

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Our Ranges 

Gyru-Star 2-100E.3 screening bucket.jpg
Gyru-Star 4-150HDX screening snow in sweden. This compact screening system was used to prevent the early blooming of tulips, using the Gyru-Star 4-150HDX to screen snow to cool the bulbs ad prevent early sprouting. This was all to aid a festival in May 2020 where the tulips are set to be a big feature.

The smallest buckets in the Gyru-Star compact screening family.

With 4 models available to suit your

1 - 5 ton mini`s. 

    2-50E     |      2-100E   |     3-60E     


                           -  See Our E Range 

The mid-range buckets in the      Gyru-Star compact screening family. With 4 models available to suit 4 - 13 ton excavators. 

3-100HE | 3-120HE | 4-100HE


                           - See Our HE Range 

Largest range in the Gyru-Star compact screening family. 

With 3 models available to suit 7 - 30 ton excavators. 

3-150HDX  4-150HDX  |  6-150HDX


-  See Our HDX Range

Gyru-Star 3-150L screening bucket on pal
Gyru-Star 3-120SL screening bucket, on c
Gyru-Star 5-150MAX screening bucket in o

The dedicated loader range in the Gyru-Star compact screening family.

With 3 models available to suit 1 - 5 ton compact mini loaders and tractors.

2-100L     |    3-100L    |     3-120L


                      -  See Our L Range

The dedicated Skid steer range in the Gyru-Star compact screening family.

With 3 models available to suit 1 - 5 ton skid steers; ready to use with the removal of a transport plate.

2-100L    |    3-100SL  |   3-120SL


                       -  See Our SL Range

Largest Capacity range in the    Gyru-Star compact screening family. 

With 10 models available to suit        7 - 30 ton excavators. 

            3-100MAX  | 3-120MAX             3-150HDX |  4-100MAX   |  4-120MAX     4-150MAX |  5-150MAX  |  6-150MAX 


 -  See Our MAX Range