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Gyru-Star 3-120L screening bucket on Multi-One tracked.13.jpeg


The Most Versatile Attachment You Will Ever Own

Gyru-Star Compact Screening Systems are highly versatile attachments, which enable you to maximise the capability of your excavator or loader. No matter the application, carrier or screening material, Gyru-Star screening buckets provide a fast, efficient screening solution.

Below you can find more information on some of the common applications for the Gyru-Star Compact Screening Systems. You can also read some case studies from end-users over on the Gyru-Star Newsroom.

Top Soil

Recycle Waste Material Into High-Quality Top Soil

Process waste material from landscaping projects into high-quality top soil, perfect for resale or reuse on your projects. Separate impurities and oversize material without crushing, shredding or tearing. Maximise the usable product and minimise the waste.

Gyru-Star screening bucket processing top soil

Demolition & Construction Waste

Turn Your Liabilities Into Assests

Reduce your construction and demolition waste by recycling material on-site. Gyru-Star screening buckets maximise the useable material, as the poly-star rotors screen without crushing, shredding or tearing.

Gyru-Star 5-150MAX screening bucket loading.jpg


Pre-Screen Material for Automated Biomass Systems

Pre-screen organic materials for automated biomass systems. With models designed for excavators, tractors and loaders, Gyru-Star Compact Screening Systems maximise the capabilities and efficiency of your existing machinery.

4-120he wood chip.png


From Spreading Snow to Resurfacing Farm Tracks

Gyru-Star screening buckets are highly versatile attachments, and the list of potential applications is almost endless. Customers have used them for everything from dusting flowers with snow to resurfacing farm tracks.

4-150HDX TULIP.jpg

Mixing & Blending

Mix & Blend Aggregates, Soil, Compost, Construction Waste and More...

Thanks to their non-destructive screening capabilities, Gyru-Star screening buckets are perfect for mixing and blending materials such as soil, compost and aggregates. This has made Gyru-Star screening buckets a popular choice in the agricultural, horticultural, landscaping and construction industries.

3-150HDX mixing & blending material

Aeration of Soil & Compost

Promote Decomposition and Speed Up Drying

Promote faster drying of soil and decomposition of compost by aerating your material with a Gyru-Star Screening Bucket. The non-destructive design will ensure that the material is preserved, as the bucket does not crush, tear or shred. The ideal attachment to maximise the capabilities or your compact tractor or loader.

Gyru-Star 3-120SL screening bucket, on case carrier, SK.2.jpg

Pipe & Cable Padding

Recycle Trench Arisings Into a High-Quality Padding Material On-Site

Create high-quality padding material by processing trench arisings on-site, using your existing carriers. Ideal for remote or hard to access sites. The Gyru-Star MAX series has been purpose built for backfilling cable and pipe trenches.

Gyru-Star 6-150HDX Padding & Backfiling
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