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Gyru-Star 4-150MAX: “The Best Investment I Have Ever Made”

Key Information

Bucket: Gyru-Star 4-150MAX 

Carrier: Atlas 160W with Tilt Rotator 

Application: Recycling material on a road laying project 

Location: Fjärås, Sweden 

Atlas wheeled excavator with a Gyru-Star Screening Bucket
Nils-Erik With His Gyru-Star 4-150MAX and Atlas Wheeled Excavator

The Case Study

Nils-Erik Skantze, of machine contractor Skantze Entreprenad, is currently working on a road laying project in the town of Fjärås, Sweden. With an increased importance being placed on recycling materials, Nils-Erik has been looking for ways to efficiently process materials on-site. 

It was this which led to him purchasing a Gyru-Star 4-150 MAX from MTT Sweden AB, Gyru-Star’s official Swedish distributor. However, since taking delivery of his Gyru-Star screening bucket, Nils-Erik has discovered various other advantages. 

The biggest of which he says, is being able to screen soil and aggregates in place, rather than having to move them across sites to be processed in a large screening plant. 

“It's nice not to have to drive material back and forth between the houses in the area,” he told MTT Sweden AB. “Now I can do the screening myself thanks to the sorting bucket”. 

Nils-Erik is currently using his 4-150MAX screening bucket with an Atlas 160W wheeled excavator, for backfilling and grading on a road resurfacing project. However, it has proven so versatile that he now brings it to every project he works on. 

“It is the best investment I have made. The more I use – the more uses I find for it. During the season, I always have it with me” 

The capabilities of the Gyru-Star screening bucket are not all that impressed Nils-Erik. He also talks very highly of the supplier, MTT Sweden AB. “They are incredibly committed to their customers. After purchasing the bucket, they followed up with calls and checks, to see how things were going. You are not used to such good service”.

Atlas wheeled excavator with a Gyru-Star Screening Bucket

Gyru-Star’s MAX screening buckets are fitted with a longer cutting edge, reinforced with Hardox for abrasion resistance. This makes it easier to fill the bucket from smaller stockpiles and also enables it to be used as a planning bucket. 

You can find out more about the Gyru-Star MAX series, and our full range of screening buckets here.


Thank you to MTT Sweden AB for providing us with this case study. 

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