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Case Study: Creating Protective Filling for Pipelines with the Gyru-Star 4-120MAX and 4-150MAX

Volvo excavator with a Gyru-Star screening bucket
Archive Image Showing a Pipe Laying Project in Sweden

Key Information

Bucket: Gyru-Star 4-120MAX and 4-150MAX 

Carrier: Hyundai HX145LCR and JCB 220LC

Application: Recycling material on a road laying project 

Location: Gullspång, Sweden 

The Case Study

In Gullspång, in Southern Sweden, construction contractor Folkessons Gräv are working on a 1-mile stretch of pipeline for a local infrastructure project. With a section of the pipeline crossing farmland, extra care must be taken to avoid damaging crops and topsoil.

Thankfully, the team have two Gyru-Star Compact Screening Systems on hand.

“There are many advantages to the sorting bucket, but the main reason we wanted to use it right here was to not risk tearing up the arable land with material transport”, says Ricard Hammarberg, the project manager.

Marcus Folkesson, of Folkessons Gräv, is the owner of the two Gyru-Star screening buckets in use on the project. For this particular application, Marcus selected the Gyru-Star 4-120MAX and 4-150MAX, which are mounted to Hyundai HX145LCR and JCB 220LC excavators.

The Gyru-Star MAX series has been designed specifically for backfilling cable and pipeline trenches. These screening buckets have a longer, Hardox-reinforced cutting edge, which makes it easier to fill the scoop from smaller stockpiles.

Having now used the buckets for some time, Marcus has that they have helped to improve efficiency and lower material costs. “Above all, you save a lot of money by reusing material on site, but it also goes faster when you don't have to wait for material transport” he said. “it has worked better than expected, even in the mud and wet it just keeps working”. 

The Gyru-Star 4-120MAX and 4-150MAX screening buckets were supplied to Folkessons Gräv by MTT Sweden AB, who are Gyru-Star’s official Swedish distributor.

You can find out more about the MAX range, and Gyru-Star’s other screening buckets here

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