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Case Study: "It wasn't difficult to get E.ON to understand the benefits" [Gyru-Star 3-150HDX and 3-120MAX]

Updated: Apr 25

Gyru-Star 3-120MAX Screening Bucket
Archive Image of a Gyru-Star 3-120MAX

Key Information

Bucket: Gyru-Star 3-120HE, 3-120MAX and 3-150HDX

Carrier: HUDDIG 1260D Wheel Loader

Application: Backfilling cable trenches

Location: Sweden

Case study

In Southern Sweden, E.ON is working to strengthen and renovate its electrical grid. Lars Olsson, from Östervärn Gräv AB, is one of the machine operators who has been contracted for the project. A long-time proponent of Gyru-Star screening buckets, Olsson quickly identified how the attachment could be used to save time and reduce the project's material costs.

In Sweden, regulations require electrical cables to be padded with material smaller than 8mm. Usually, this means that the trench arisings are processed at an off-site screening plant, which removes the oversized material. In some cases, the trench arisings are disposed of, and new backfilling material is purchased.

Gyru-Star screening buckets allow operators to recycle the trench arisings on-site, using excavators or loaders already working on the project. This massively reduces operational and material costs, as well as saving time.

The buckets also enable the operators to screen the material directly into the trench, backfilling over the cables. This not only speeds up the process but ensures the material is evenly distributed.

“At the start of the project, I had to get approval from E.ON to use the screening bucket,” Olsson said. “It was not difficult to get E.ON to understand the benefits, and it didn’t take long to get approval”.

Olsson came into contact with MTT Sweden AB, Gyru-Star’s official Swedish distributor, at a fair a few years ago. He watched a demo run and quickly realised the benefits.

“I started with a Gyru-Star 3-120HE, I then purchased a 3-150HDX, the first one in the world. I then switched to the 3-120MAX and it was absolutely perfect” he added.

Olsson has been using his buckets daily and has done so for years. However, he reports that maintenance has been minimal. “I have changed bearings, fingers and shoulders, but considering how much it has been used, I think it has held up very well”.

Olsson purchased his Gyru-Star Compact Screening Systems from MTT Sweden AB

You can find out more about Gyru-Star’s range of screening buckets here

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