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Case Study: Using Screening Buckets to Create High-Quality Compost [and Why the Gyru-Star 4-150MAX is Perfect for the Job]

Gyru-Star 4-150MAX on a Komatsu compact Wheel Loader
Gyru-Star 4-150MAX on a Komatsu Compact Wheel Loader

Key Information

Bucket: Gyru-Star 4-150MAX 

Carrier: Komatsu Compact Wheel Loader

Application: Recycling Compost into Topsoil for Local Cemeteries

Location: Halmstad, Sweden

The Case Study

In Halmstad, Sweden, local cemeteries have been using the Gyru-Star 4-150MAX to recycle compost into high-quality topsoil. Not only has the screening bucket saved them time and money, but they have also found other ways to utilise this versatile attachment.

“In the past, we have hired a local contractor who went over our compost with a harp, but it became quite expensive, and we saw that we could do the job ourselves with better results and in the long run at a lower cost,” says Lars Malm-berg, from the cemetery administration.

His colleague Dan Nilsson has been responsible for operating the screening bucket. He has been using it to process large piles of compost with the Cemetery’s Komatsu compact wheel loader. He also believes that there are many advantages to using the Gyru-Star 4-150MAX.


“The 4-150MAX creates a much better product than we had before. Being able to easily transport between our sites means that we can use it for far more than just creating topsoil”.

They have also been using the bucket to recycle sand, gravel and demolition waste, from various churches in the area.

“If we're going to dig up a lawn somewhere, we can process the material on-site. We don’t need to move it backwards and forwards to a screening plant” Nilsson added. “It’s a massive environmental benefit”.

Two Swedish men stood in front of a wheel loader
Lars Malmberg and Dan Nilsson

The Gyru-Star bucket is currently used across five cemeteries in Halmstad, though it has also been used to help out other cemeteries in surrounding areas.

“We see great merit with the bucket, not least when it comes to the environment”, says cemetery master Diana Svensson.

The Gyru-Star 4-150MAX was purchased from MTT Sweden AB, Gyru-Star’s official Swedish distributor.

You can find out more about Gyru-Star’s range of screening buckets here

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