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How True Screening Can Save Your Business Time and Money [Screening Solutions for Landscaping and Construction]

Updated: Jun 24

Gyru-Star Screening bucket on a Wacker Neuson excavator in Sweden
Gyru-Star Screening bucket on a Wacker Neuson excavator in Sweden


In dynamic industries such as construction, demolition and landscaping, efficiency and quality are paramount. True screening offers a revolutionary way to process materials without causing damage, ensuring both cost-effective and high-quality results. This post explores why true screening is crucial for your business and how Gyru-Star's innovative screening buckets can help you achieve optimal performance.

In this Article:

  • What is true screening? 

  • Benefits of true screening 

  • Applications for true screening 

  • Gyru-Star’s industry-leading screening solutions 

  • Why Choose Gyru-Star 

  • Testimonials and Resources 

What is True Screening?

True screening is a process that separates materials without causing any harm to the products being screened. This technique is essential in industries where the integrity of the material is crucial. By using specialised excavator, loader or skid steer attachments, materials are sorted and processed efficiently, ensuring high quality and minimal waste. This method contrasts with traditional screening methods, where the material might be damaged or altered during the process, leading to reduced quality and usability. 

You can read our blog post on the different types of true screeners here.

Benefits of True Screening

Cost Savings – Lower Material Costs

Gyru-Star 3-120SL on a Kubota skid steer loader
Screening buckets enable you to process material using your existing machinery

One of the primary benefits of true screening is the significant cost savings it offers. By reducing waste and operational costs, businesses can achieve greater financial efficiency. For instance, in the construction industry, true screening allows for the reuse of materials, minimising the need for new resources.

Reduced Waste

By precisely sorting and processing materials, true screening minimises waste. This not only reduces disposal costs but also allows businesses to reuse materials that would otherwise be discarded.

Lower Operational Costs

Screening buckets, such as those produced by Gyru-Star, have far lower operational costs than traditional tracked screeners. In the case of Gyru-Star, whose screening buckets use carbon belt drives, maintenance is almost zero. Furthermore, as they are attachments rather than a stand-alone machine, there are no additional fuel or operator costs.

Time Savings and Increased Productivity

True screening can also save you a lot of time on the jobsite. When material deliveries are delayed, waste products can be repurposed to keep the project on track.

Furthermore, using a screening attachment on an excavator, loader or skid steer means that the material can be screened exactly where it is needed. This is a vast improvement on current industry practices, where material is screened in a central location, often off-site. 

By reducing the time spent on sorting and processing materials, businesses can increase overall productivity. This means more projects can be completed in less time, leading to higher revenue.

After running out of materials late in the day, and miles from the supplier, one contractor in Northeast England used their Gyru-Star screening bucket to recycle crusher waste into drainage stone. This allowed them to complete the project on time. You can read more about this story here.

Maintain Product quality and Integrity

High-quality materials lead to better quality products. Whilst tracked screeners, and other destructive methods, offer their own unique set of advantages, they are not suitable for all applications. For many industries, maintaining the quality and integrity of materials is vital. For example, when screening topsoil or mixing and blending compost.

Not only does true screening improve the quality of the end product, but it ensures that there is no contamination. With screeners that use metal rotors or drums, there is the risk of softer material being broken apart and contaminating the product.

Applications of True Screening in Various Industries 


In construction, true screening is used to efficiently sort materials like soil, sand, and gravel, ensuring that the right materials are used for the right purposes without contamination. This not only improves the quality of the construction but also reduces the cost of purchasing new materials.

Common Applications for True Screening in the Construction Industry Include:

  • Recycling crusher waste into new material 

  • Removing fines from demolition waste 

  • Backfilling cable and pipe trenches

  • Sorting aggregates by size 

  • Removing continuation for aggregates 


Gyru-Star screening bucket removing rocks from soil
Turn liabilities into assets

For demolition projects, true screening helps in the safe and effective management of debris, separating reusable materials from waste and reducing the environmental impact.

Common Applications for True Screening in the Demolition Industry Include:

  • Separate valuable materials from waste products 

  • Remove fines from demolition waste 

  • Reduce waste disposal costs by recycling waste onsite 

  • Reduce the project’s environmental impact by limiting landfill waste 


Landscaping requires precise screening of soil and compost to ensure the health and growth of plants. True screening ensures that these materials are free of contaminants and of the highest quality. 

Common Applications for True Screening in the Landscaping Industry Include:

  • Pre-screening biomass material for automated biomass systems 

  • Removing impurities and oversized material from mulch and woodchip 

  • Spreading soil for turf and grass seeding 

  • Removing roots, stones and other impurities from topsoil 

  • Mixing and blending soil and compost 

  • Aerating compost 

Gyru-Star Compact Screening Systems – The Industry’s Leading Manufacturer of Polyurethane Star Screening Buckets 

Gyru-Star screening bucket on a compact excavator
Gyru-Star screening buckets are available for carriers from 1-30 tons

Gyru-Star Compact Screening Systems are the world's leading manufacturer of True Screening Systems. Our polyurethane star screening buckets are designed to screen material without crushing, tearing or shredding material.

There are currently 30 models in the Gyru-Star range, suitable for every type of excavator from 1-30 tons and loaders from 1-50 tons. We are also the only manufacturer who current produce a dedicated poly-star screening bucket for skid steer loaders.

Gyru-Star screening buckets have a hard-earned reputation for quality, durability and performance. Every model in the range is equipped with a full complement of market-leading features as standard, including:

  • Stainless steel non-stick floor for effective screening in wet conditions 

  • Hardox reinforcement in high-wear areas 

  • Multi-layer monocoque chassis for optimal strength and durability 

  • Ultra-low maintenance carbon belt drive which requires zero lubrication 

  • Sealed bearings throughout for minimal maintenance, eliminating the risk of material contamination

Gyru-Star screening buckets are available in four different fragment sizes, depending on the intended application:

  • 0-10mm nominal 

  • 0-15mm nominal 

  • 0-20mm nominal 

  • 0-40mm nominal 

The Gyru-Star E and HE range are designed specifically for excavators, whilst the HDX and MAX ranges are designed to be compatible with both excavators and loaders.

The L range is optimised for loaders, including wheel and compact loaders, telehandlers and compact tractors.

The Gyru-Star SL has been designed for skid steer loaders, and comes with a flow control valve, cab entry steps and a skid steer interface as standard.

Why Choose Gyru-Star Compact Screening Systems?

Gyru-Star screening buckets are tried and tested designs, which have continued to evolve based on feedback from operators around the world. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what a few of them had to say: 


"It has made business so much easier; we screen almost everything on site, turning a pile of waste into usable material, using the hardcore and topsoil we produce.”

"We make more money by doing less work, it really is a game changer! Over the 6 years we have had the Gyru-Star we must of screened thousands of tonnes of material, it works for both us and the client. It has been become an essential piece of equipment for our business" 

Piers Dent, Lypiatt Landscapes, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom


"The bucket makes everything easier. You can take it everywhere; I’m always finding new uses for it" 

Patryk Haglund, General Contractor, Sweden


"I can take it to a job site, screen that root mat, get a couple of loads of topsoil, and get $600 to $800 a load out of it. I've got an $80,000-screen plant. If I would I'd have had this [Gyru-Star 4-100HE], I would have never bought that."

"It screens the wet just like the dry, that surprised us all." 

Tony Shuler, Shuler's Mulch and Grading, North Carolina, United States 


What’s Next?

Ready to improve your material processing with true screening? Visit our Find a Dealer page to locate your local Gyru-Star dealer.

Also, don't forget to check out the Gyru-Star Newsroom for the latest updates and success stories. 

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