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The Gyru-Star MAX Series: The Only Screening Bucket Purpose Built for Cable and Pipeline Construction 

An excavator screening material into a pipe trench
Gyru-Star MAX Series Screening Bucket in Sweden

Gyru-Star Compact Screening Systems have long proven a popular choice for professionals in the utility industry, as a fast, efficient solution for backfilling cable and pipe trenches. In this article, we will be taking an in-depth look at the MAX series, and how it has been designed as a purpose-built tool for this application. We will be looking at:

  • Where did the demand for a backfilling bucket come from? 

  • An introduction to the MAX series. 

  • Key features of the MAX series. 

  • What are the benefits of using a Gyru-Star screening bucket for backfilling cable trenches? 

  • Where to buy a MAX series bucket. 

Where Did the Demand for a Backfilling Bucket Come From? 

The MAX series of screening buckets was born from a conversation between Wheatway Managing Director, Colin Smith, and Gyru-Star’s Swedish distributor, MTT Sweden AB.

At the time of development, there had been considerable investment in renewable energy in Sweden, which resulted in widespread infrastructure projects. Predominantly the laying of long-distance cable routes between the country’s scattered population centres and new wind and solar farm projects. This led to demand for a new screening bucket, purpose-built for the needs of the contractors on these vast cable and pipe laying projects. 

In order to protect vulnerable cables and pipes, regulations dictate that they must be surrounded by padding material. Usually, this means material under 10mm in size, although this can vary depending on the region and application.

With many projects taking place in remote or wilderness areas, where there may be no road access for several miles, bringing in new padding material by truck could be difficult and expensive, if not impossible. 

In addition, even on projects in perfectly accessible areas, contractors are looking for ways to cut costs. Being able to process trench arisings into padding material is a major cost saver when laying cables or pipes, especially when you can use the same carrier which dug out the trench initially. 

Intro to the MAX Series

A Gyru-Star screening bucket mounted to a volvo excavator
A Gyru-Star 4-150MAX Screening Bucket

This is where Gyru-Star Compact Screening Systems come into their own. Easily transportable, and compatible with a wide range of carriers, they offer operators a fast, efficient screening solution which can be used on remote or hard-to-access sites. 

Whilst the HE and HDX series were (and remain) firm favourites for processing trench arisings, a dedicated solution was still desired, in order to maximise the capabilities of existing carriers. As a result, Wheatway Solutions started the development of a new bucket with a wider cutting-edge and longer floor pan. Originally part of the HE and HDX series, this new product soon evolved into the MAX series of screening buckets.

Key Features of the MAX Series 

A diagram highlight the key features of a Gyru-Star Screening bucket

As with all Gyru-Star screening buckets, the MAX series is equipped with all the standard features which customers have come to expect, and which, have set the industry standard.

These include:

  • A non-stick floor for processing wet or clay-heavy material. 

  • Key wear areas are reinforced with Hardox abrasion-resistant steel to increase durability. 

  • Flexible poly-stars for screening material without crushing, shredding or tearing. 

  • Low maintenance, ultra-durable carbon belt drive. 

  • Sealed bearings throughout, to eliminate the risk of material contamination. 

  • Multi-layer monocoque shell perfectly balances weight and strength. 

  • Sizes to suit a wide range of carriers from 1-30 tons including excavators, tractors, loaders, telehandlers and skid steers (depending on series and model). 

  • Bespoke head plates and interfaces to suit almost any carrier, through the Kustom Konnect sister brand. 

In addition to the standard features of the Gyru-Star range, the MAX series has been engineered specifically for backfilling over cables and pipes.

The cutting edge of the bucket is much wider than the other series, giving the bucket a shovel-like shape. Coupled with a longer floor pan, filling the bucket from smaller stockpiles becomes much easier. This is ideal for processing trench arisings, which are generally piled alongside the trench, rather than in large stockpiles.

What are the Benefits of Using a Gyru-Star Screening Bucket for Backfilling Cable Trenches? 

So what benefits are there to using a Gyru-Star Screening bucket over traditional methods for backfilling cable and pipe trenches? What makes them the ideal tool for the job?


The main benefit which has been fed back from Gyru-Star customers is the cost-saving potential. As the Gyru-Star screening bucket allows for waste material to be recycled, the need to purchase new, pre-screened material is eliminated. 

Similarly, the transport costs associated with moving large volumes of material are also eliminated. Even if the material could be processed elsewhere on site, with a traditional screening plant, there is still a considerable time and monetary cost to moving it particularly so on large developments or infrastructure projects. 

Space-saving and Ease of Transport 

This in turn also raises another key benefit of the Gyru-Star screening buckets, which is simply that they require less space than a screening plant. This also applies to transport, with some models in the range being small enough to fit in the bed of a standard pick-up truck. Larger models are easily transported on the same trailer as their carrier, again reducing transport costs. 

Remote and Hard-to-Access Sites 

For remote and hard-to-access sites, Gyru-Star Compact Screening Systems are ideal. Able to go anywhere the carrier can, they do not pose the same logistical issues as a screening plant. 

A Gyru-Star MAX series bucket backfilling a cable trench in Sweden
A Gyru-Star MAX series bucket backfilling a cable trench in Sweden

This has been a major benefit for operators in Sweden, who have been regularly working miles from the nearest road, in the depths of the Swedish wilderness. Where road access is limited, project costs can skyrocket, and progress can be slow. Gyru-Star screening buckets allow for trench arisings to be processed in place, using the same carrier which originally excavated the trench, keeping project costs low and progress on track. 

Reliability and Low Maintenance 

When working on projects in remote areas, having reliable, dependable equipment is of the utmost importance. Gyru-Star screening buckets have been designed to be as reliable as possible, whilst keeping maintenance to a minimum.

With sealed bearings throughout, there is no need for greasing and oiling. Not only does this decrease downtime for maintenance, but it also reduces the risk of material being contaminated by oil leaks or over-greased bearings.

A well used Gyru-Star screening bucket on a blue excavator
Gyru-Star Buckets are Designed for Reliability

The rotors of the Gyru-Star screening buckets are driven by carbon belts, and as such, require no lubrication. This is a stark contrast to many competing products, the majority of which rely on outdated chain drive systems, which sit in enclosed oil baths.

The simplicity and reliability of the Gyru-Star screening systems is one of the main reasons they have become the first choice for operators working in remote areas.

Use Carriers Already On-Site

With 30 models across 6 series, to suit carriers from 1-30 tons, Gyru-Star offers the largest range of screening buckets on the market. Whatever carriers you already on have on site, there is almost certainly a Gyru-Star screening bucket to fit. This enables operators to maximise the potential of their carrier, whether it is an excavator, loader, telehandler, tractor, backhoe or skid steer.

Reduced Environmental Impact 

An often overlooked, but nonetheless important benefit of the Gyru-Star range, is that the buckets can reduce the environmental impact of a project. This is predominately through their ability to reduce fuel usage, the number of vehicles and machines required on-site and the recycling of waste materials. 

Where to buy a MAX Series bucket 

The Gyru-Star dealer network spans the globe, with authorised dealers in the UK, Europe, US, South America and Asia. To find your nearest dealer, you can use the ‘Find a Dealer’ tool on our website.

In the unlikely case that there is not a Gyru-Star in your region, then you can get in touch with our team at the details below: 

Telephone: +44 (0)1452 728448 

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