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The Best Screening Bucket for Backhoe Loaders

Updated: 5 days ago

A Gyru-Star screening bucket mounted to a JCB backhoe loader
Gyru-Star produce a full range of screening buckets suitable for backhoe loaders


Backhoe loaders are renowned for their versatility, combining the functions of a tractor, loader, and backhoe into a single machine. They are indispensable on construction sites, farms, and in landscaping due to their ability to perform a variety of tasks. These powerful machines can dig, lift, and transport materials with ease, making them a favourite among operators for a wide range of projects. However, the true potential of a backhoe loader can only be realised when paired with the right attachments.

One such attachment is the screening bucket, which can significantly enhance the functionality and efficiency of your backhoe loader. Gyru-Star’s range polyurethane star screening buckets are the ideal choice for maximising the capabilities of your backhoe loader.

Gyru-Star’s True Screening attachments enable the screening, mixing, blending and spreading of materials without crushing or shredding. This article explores how you can increase your machine's versatility and turn your liabilities into assets.

In this Article:

  • Why Choose a Gyru-Star Screening Bucket for Your Backhoe Loader?

  • Explore Gyru-Star's Extensive Range of Excavator Screening Buckets

  • Discover Gyru-Star’s Comprehensive Range of Loader Buckets

  • Maximise Versatility with Kustom Konnect Head Plates and Interfaces

  • Gyru-Star Screening Buckets: Available Worldwide from Authorised Dealers

  • Learn More About Gyru-Star Screening Buckets 

Why Choose a Gyru-Star Screening Buckets for Your Backhoe Loader? 

Gyru-Star screening buckets are designed to maximise the capabilities of your machinery and enable you to transform your liabilities into assets. These buckets are perfect for screening, mixing, spreading and aerating materials on site, providing a quick and efficient way to manage different types of materials.

Gyru-Star screening buckets are the perfect screening solution for backhoe loaders, with both excavator arm and loader compatible models available. The unique design of Gyru-Star screening buckets allows for superior performance in separating soil, compost, and waste materials, ensuring that your backhoe loader can handle a wider range of tasks with ease.

Flexible polyurethane stars rotate in an upwards direction, creating a rolling action inside the bucket. This causes the undersize material to fall through the gaps in the stars, without crushing or shredding the product. Coupled with the non-stick stainless-steel floor, the poly-stars also allow Gyru-Star screening buckets to maintain their performance in wet conditions, or when screening sticky material such as clay.

Every bucket in the Gyru-Star range comes fully equipped with a full range of industry-leading features, as standard. However, the ultra-low maintenance carbon belt drive is by far the standout feature. As the driveline requires zero greasing oiling, the need for daily maintenance is eliminated, minimising downtime. This system is also far quieter than the outdated chain-drive systems used by other manufacturers, making Gyru-Star buckets well suited for noise-sensitive sites.

Additionally, the multi-layer monocoque chassis of each bucket is reinforced with Hardox plate in high wear areas, such as the cutting edge. This makes them some of the most durable screening buckets in the industry.

By integrating these buckets, operators can significantly reduce the need for additional machinery, lowering operational costs and improving overall job site efficiency. The robust construction and innovative features of Gyru-Star screening buckets make them a reliable and long-lasting solution for enhancing the functionality of your backhoe loader. 

Explore Gyru-Star’s Extensive Range of Excavator Buckets

Gyru-Star 3-100HE screening bucket on the rear boom of a backhoe loader
Gyru-Star 3-100HE on the rear boom of a backhoe loader

Gyru-Star offers a comprehensive range of excavator buckets, each designed to meet specific needs and applications. Their buckets are known for their durability and efficiency, capable of handling tough materials and conditions. These buckets are perfect for applications ranging from construction to landscaping, providing versatility and reliability for any project.

Gyru-Star produce a broad range of excavator screening buckets, many of which are compatible with the rear boom on backhoe loaders. Currently Gyru-Star produce screening buckets for excavators between 1-30 tons.

The exact model you require will depending on the lifting capacity of your machine, and whether you intend to use a tiltrotator. For most backhoe loaders, the Gyru-Star E and HE ranges are likely to be most suitable. This covers machines with a lifting capacity of 1-13 ton.

If you are using a tiltrotator on your backhoe loader, you may need to select a smaller bucket, to ensure you are within the safe lifting capacity of your machine.

Another important thing to consider, is the overall width of the bucket. Whilst many machines will be capable of using 1200mm and 1500mm models when extended, these buckets are likely too large to prevent the rear boom from folding away.

As a result, it is not recommended to use a screening bucket wider than 1000mm on the rear boom of a backhoe loader. Your local Gyru-Star dealer with be able to advise on which models are compatible with your backhoe loader.

Discover Gyru-Star’s Comprehensive Range of Loader Buckets

Gyru-Star screening bucket on a loader
Gyru-Star have an extensive range of loader compatible screening buckets

The range of loader buckets from Gyru-Star is equally impressive, designed to optimise the performance of your loaders. These buckets are crafted to ensure maximum productivity and durability, making them suitable for a variety of applications. Gyru-Star loader buckets are engineered to deliver superior performance and longevity, helping operators achieve more with their equipment.

Gyru-Star’s range of loader buckets covers all common types of loaders, from 1-15 ton. Regardless of your backhoe loader’s operating weight, there is guaranteed to be a suitable model available.

For Backhoe loaders with a loader lift capacity of 1-5 ton, then a model from the L range is likely to be most suitable. If you backhoe loader has a lift capacity of over 3 ton or you require a larger bucket, then it is worth considering a HDX or MAX model.

As with the excavator buckets, the width of the loader bucket is also an important consideration. Gyru-Star produce loader compatible buckets are available in 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm widths. It is advisable to speak with your Gyru-Star dealer, to ensure you are purchasing the correct width bucket for your machine.

Kustom Konnect Interfaces

The Gyru-Star range is all about versatility. That’s why Gyru-Star screening buckets are available with custom made head plates and interfaces, from their sister brand Kustom Konnect. In addition to standard head plates and interfaces for all common makes and models of machines, Kustom Konnect also produce a range of interchangeable-pin head plates and dual interfaces.

These innovative solutions allow Gyru-Star screening buckets to be swapped between machines, without the need for additional head plates or interfaces. Some dual interfaces also allow the screening buckets to be used on both excavators and loaders.

Gyru-Star Screening Buckets: Available Worldwide from Authorised Dealers

Gyru-Star screening buckets are available through a global network of authorised dealers, ensuring that customers can easily access their products no matter where they are located.

In the UK, North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, Gyru-Star has established partnerships with reputable dealers to provide local support and service. This extensive distribution network ensures that customers receive prompt assistance and access to genuine Gyru-Star products, enhancing their overall ownership experience. 

These authorised dealers are carefully selected to meet Gyru-Star's high standards of service and expertise. They are trained to provide comprehensive support, from helping customers choose the right screening bucket for their needs to offering maintenance and repair services. This level of support ensures that Gyru-Star customers receive the best possible experience, with access to knowledgeable professionals who can assist with any questions or concerns. 

For customers looking to purchase Gyru-Star screening buckets, the process is straightforward and convenient. By visiting the Gyru-Star website, customers can find a list of authorised dealers in their region, complete with contact information and details about the products. 

You can find your nearest authorised Gyru-Star dealer here

Learn More About Gyru-Star Screening Buckets 

For those interested in learning more about Gyru-Star screening buckets and their extensive range of products, the official Gyru-Star website is the best place to start. Here, you can find detailed information about each product, read customer testimonials, and access support resources. Additionally, the website offers a wealth of information on the applications and benefits of Gyru-Star screening buckets, helping customers make informed decisions. 

If you require more information on compatibility or would like to discuss your needs in more depth, contact your nearest Gyru-Star dealer, or get in touch with the Gyru-Star team here

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