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Feature Highlight: Poly-Star Rotors 

Gyru-Star Compact Screening Systems are a True Screening solution. This means that they can screen material fast and efficiently, without crushing or shredding. Key to this are the flexible polyurethane stars, from which the brand gets its name.

Why Polyurethane?

Unlike steel rotors, the polyurethane stars are designed to flex. This means that they do not crush or shred the material.

Although flexible, the poly-stars are also incredibly durable. The polymer has been specially developed to be durable enough to screen materials such as concrete, rocks and aggregate, without damaging more delicate materials such as compost. 

How Do the Poly-Stars Work? 

In Gyru-Star screening buckets, the poly-stars are mounted hydraulically powered shafts. These rotate in an upwards direction, which creates a rolling action inside the bucket. 

The rolling action causes the undersize material to fall through the gaps in the stars, rather than be pulled through, leaving the oversized material inside the bucket. This motion is also excellent for mixing and blending materials, including aggregates and compost.

The gap between the stars, referred to as the fragment size or screening aperture, is what controls the size of material left inside the bucket. Gyru-Star screening buckets are available in four different fragment sizes: 0-10mm, 0-15mm, 0-20mm and 0-40mm. 

Find Out More 

Want to find out more about the engineering which goes into our Gyru-Star screening buckets? Head on over to the Gyru-Star Newsroom and check out the latest blog posts and case studies.

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