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What Is Gyru-Star?

The Gyru-Star Compact Screening Systems are bucket type attachments, used primarily for screening soil, compost and aggregates. They can be fitted to excavators, tractors, telehandlers, compact loaders, wheeled or tracked loaders and skid steers replacing a standard digging bucket.

Our Philosophy 

To bring an affordable, high quality and performance screening solution that with low or zero maintenance, to the compact attachment Market. The fast and efficient polyurethane star screening system, screens without crushing or shredding enabling liabilities to be turned into assets through a comprehensive product range matched to carrier weights. 

Gyru-Star 3-80E screening on a field on a backhoe
The Gyru-Star 6-150HDX fine screening topsoil to pad out oil or gas pipes and cables. Here they are screening directly into the trench at 0-10mm fragment size.
Gyru-Star 4-100HE removing oversided materal for inside the bucket. The overside materil is flowing out of the bucke in a regular stream.

True Compact Screening 

The Gyru-Star compact screening system has a unique design which, makes the screening bucket lightweight and strong. 

                 -  see our compact range 

Turn Your Liabilities Into Assets 

Our Gyru-Star compact screening system is an affordable, portable screening solution which can screen your material on site. Saving you the expense of haulage to screen your material elsewhere, using  Gyru-Star material can be deposited straight into the trench. 

Screens Without Crushing Or Shredding

The Gyru-Star compact screening system screens without crushing or shredding because of the unique design. The flexible poly-stars create a rolling action which breaks up the material allowing it to fall through the gaps between the stars. 

                               -  see our videos

Gyru-Star 4-150HDX screening pre dug material; seen from the side, the bucket has been tilted to a 45 degree angle and the stars have begun to agitate material in the bucket so that the fines can fall through in a regular stream.

Comprehensive Carrier Weight Range

The Gyru-Star compact screening systems has 29 different screening bucket models to choose from matched to carrier weights for; excavators, tractors, wheeled loaders, telehandlers and skid steers. 

Gyru-Star 4-150MAX demoing at an exhibition in Sweden. The bucket has been fitted to the excavatos inconjuction with a tiltrotator to optimise movent of the bucket.

Zero Or Low Maintenance 

The Gyru-Star compact screening system uses carbon poly-chain belts with pretensioned, self adjusting, belt tensioners and sealed bearings; creating a durable clean, zero maintenance driveline. 

Gyru-Star 3-120SL screening on a catapllar skid steer carrier. the dedicated interfcedesigned for skid steer carriers allows the operater to climb into the cab as well as create an even stream of material.


- Fine screening.

- Mixing and blending to improve the final product.

- Separating soils from aggregates and vegetation.

-Pipe and cable padding. 

             -see more applications

About Us


Manufactured by Wheatway Solutions Ltd, we are a customer driven solution provider for the screening, crushing and recycling industry.

Gyru-Star 4-120HE. The fast effcient screening sstem is screening topsoil in preparation for landscape rennovation/ construction, the screening bcket is screening morematerial to be added to the pile bellow it.

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