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Tulip Festival In Skövde In Danger

In mid May 2019, the idea is that Skövdeborres and visitors will be able to enjoy a tulip festival in Garpaparken. Over 100,000 bulbs were planted last autumn. According to the plans, they would turn out in all their glory just in time for the festivities.

It is a walking festival, this year visiting Skövde for the first time. "We hope it will attract thousands of visitors", says Morgan Sjöberg.

But - as you know, you can't control the weather.

The warm temperature has now attracted some tulips from their bulbs - three months early.

"Difficult to coordinate a date"

There are about 37,500 bulbs that have looked up a little too far.

- They have come a little further than we thought. We have been monitoring them for a while, and in some places the bulbs have come up a little more than we want, says Morgan Sjöberg.

Have you been very worried about how the bulbs should grow?

- Yes, it is always difficult to coordinate a specific date. Often, mid-May is a good time for tulip blooms, says Morgan Sjöberg.

Snow is collected from the ice rink

But now the city has tried to cure the early flowering - by means of snow. About 10 centimetres of snow was collected from the ice hall in Billingehov, something Skaraborgs Allehanda was the first to report on.

- This is how you have done historically, you have used snow and peat to control when tulips should bloom. So now we got to use this again. We have snow from the ice rink, so we chose to use it.

Worried about rain

Morgan Sjöberg does not want to think that the tulip festival is threatened, but he is a little worried if it will rain.

- Now it is important to keep track, and we have snow available if it is needed. We hope to postpone this for a few more weeks. But we have a lot of control over the weather report, says Morgan Sjöberg.

- We are worried that there will be large amounts of rain, because then the snow will be washed away. And if it gets too much out of the onion so it wants to flower, well then we can do nothing. Then we can only let nature take its course.

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