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"The Best Investment I Have Made"

Last fall, Nils-Erik Skantze received, in the Fjärås sorting scoop SBS Gyru-Star 4-150 MAX and since then has used it several times a week. "It's the best investment I've made," he says.

Being able to reuse materials on site is becoming increasingly important, says machine contractor Nils-Erik Skantze, who runs Skantzes Entreprenad in Fjärås. "It has benefits for me, the customer and the environment. We do not need to transport materials unnecessarily and can be used on what already exists with simple means", he says.

As a result, Nils-Erik started searching for a sorting scoop for his Atlas 160W wheeled excavator. The choice fell on one SBS Gyru-Star 4-150 MAX from MTT Sweden AB and Nils-Erik has not regretted their choice for a second. "It's the best investment I've made. The more I use it, the more uses for it I do find. During the season I always carry it with me and use it several times week", he says.

The MAX model has a longer front cutter and can be used at the same time as a planning cutter. It is also easier to get the material in the bucket with it new design, Nils-Erik Skantze thinks.

He is currently working on refilling and adjusting for an upcoming asphalt in a residential area in Fjärås and here the bucket comes in handy. "It is nice to avoid having to move materials back and forth among the houses in the area. Now I can do the job myself thanks to the sorting bucket", he says.

MTT Sweden AB has exceeded Nils-Erik's expectations of a supplier. "I feel confident that it is a supplier that has been around for a long time and that will remain. They add in addition, an incredibly large personal commitment to each business. Always listening to customer requests and following up, with a call to see how it's going. This is not something you are used to” says Nils-Erik Skantze.

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Where Was This Bucket Being Used?

Fjärås, Sweden 

Which Gyru-Star Screening Bucket Model Is This?

 4-150MAX series                                                  - see more 

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