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Sorting Bucket Makes Food Soil For Halmstad Cemeteries

The cemetery administration in Halmstad is now self-sufficient at prime topsoil. This is thanks to the investment in a sorting scoop that manufactures the food soil from the administration's own compost.

"Previously, we hired a local contractor who went over our compost with a harp but it became quite expensive and we saw that we could do the job ourselves with better results and in the long term at a lower cost", says Lars Malmberg at the cemetery administration. The solution was a so-called SBS sorting scoop, model 4-150 MAX, delivered by Agrohill Maskin in collaboration with MTT Sweden AB.

The MAX design means that the bucket has been provided with longer inserts for use in planning. Since the bucket was delivered at the end of last year, it has so far been the most tested but as soon as it is season Lars Malmberg thinks and his colleague Dan Nilsson take on the large compost piles at the administration's circulation.

"There are many advantages to this, including that we can do the work under the best conditions. We rent one contractor runs this regardless of weather, we can wait a day or two if it rains too much and thanks to it get a much better quality of the final product", says Lars Malmberg. The bucket can also be used for much more than sorting out fractions to feed soil. Sand, gravel and demolition material are other examples of what the bucket can do. Thanks to the bucket sitting on a loading machine that can easily move between the different cemeteries in town, you do not have to also unnecessary transport of masses back and forth.

"If we have to dig a lawn somewhere, we do not have to drive away what we dug up and then drive back topsoil. We can take the bucket with us and sort out food soil from what we dug up on site", says Dan Nilsson. In Halmstad there are five cemeteries that will all use the new sorting bucket, but it is also thought that be able to help other cemetery administrations in the immediate area. "We see great merit with the bucket, not least when it comes to the environment", says cemetery master Diana Svensson.

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