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SL Range

The SL range is our dedicated skid steer range, the unique design allows safe entry to the cab via two treds, all SL models are 2-3 rotors varying in width from 1000mm- 1500mm. 

Our SL Buckets 

Gyru-Star compact screening system 3-120

3 rotors 

1000mm wide 

For 1-2 ton loaders

3 rotors 

1200mm wide

For 1-3 ton loaders 

Gyru-Star 3-150SL, the skid steer model in the Gyru-Star range, this bucket has a dedicated carrier interface which, makes carrier connection and cab access easy. the yellow trends allow the operator to step into the cab safely while the interface creates a channel for screened material to flow down. The grey bucket has yellow doors and treds and a blck kustom konnect interface.

3 rotors  

1500mm wide 

For 2-5 ton loaders 

Non Stick Floor Lining Now Standard!

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