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Case Study: Cable Padding on Renewable Energy Projects With the Gyru-Star Compact Screening System

This article was originally published to our website in 2020, and has since been updated.

In the Swedish town of Askersund, construction contractor Folkessons Gräv are laying electrical cables for a new windfarm project. However, with access to the cable route limited by planted crops, they have been unable to bring in material by truck to pad the cables.

Gyru-Star 4-150MAX, mounted to a CAT excavator being used to backfill a cable trench with padding material in Sweden
Archive Image showing the Gyru-Star 4-150 MAX on a cable padding project in Sweden

Thankfully, a solution presented itself, in the form of a SBS GS 4-150MAX Compact Screening System mounted to a JCB 220LC tracked excavator. This combination has allowed Marcus Folkesson and his team to process padding material on-site, using the trench arisings which would otherwise have been waste.

“I'm very happy with it.” Folkesson said, “above all, you reduce the environmental impact by reusing the material in place. It’s also faster as you do not have to wait for material transport and get a very high-quality material as well. There are only benefits to it, and it has performed extremely well, even in mud and wet masses”.

Work commenced in mid-April 2020, and is expected to continue through to the Autumn. During the course of the project, they have also used the 4-150MAX on a Hyundai HX145LCR, whilst the JCB was occupied with other tasks.

The MAX series, which is designed specifically for cable and pipe padding, has proven popular with contractors working on renewable energy projects. The cutting edge of the bucket is wider and longer than the standard range, allowing the operator to more easily pick up material for smaller piles. “Since the bucket has a long bottom, we can do the whole backfill with it, which is very smooth and saves even more time than if we had to change gear between” Folkesson commented.

The Gyru-Star Compact Screening Systems are designed and manufactured in the UK, by Wheatway Solutions Limited. They are marketed in Sweden under the SBS brand by MTT Sweden AB.

What Makes the 4-150MAX the Ideal tool for Cable Padding on Renewable Energy Projects?

  • Fast, efficient screening. Effective even in wet conditions.

  • Flexible poly-stars prevent material from being crushed, torn or shredded.

  • Compatible with a wide variety of excavators from 13-18 tons, increasing accessibility to remote sites.

  • Designed specifically for cable and pipe padding, with a wider and longer scoop.

  • Durable, zero to low maintenance design makes it a reliable tool for any job.

Gyru-Star 4-150 MAX Fact Sheet


Gyru-Star 4-150MAX (SBS GS 4-150MAX in Sweden)


13 -18 Ton Excavators, 5-8 Ton Loader Lift Capacity






90 litres per minute


200 Bar

Screening Area

615mm x 1500mm

Where to Buy

This bucket was supplied to the customer by our dealer in Sweden, MTT Sweden AB. You can contact them using the details below:

Tel:  +46 (0)142-800 06

For customer’s in the rest of the world, you can find your nearest Gyru-Star dealer using our interactive map tool (linked below)

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