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The Shell

The Gyru-Star compact screening bucket shell is a steel structure with fully welded joints that has been tested up 1.5x the maximum permissible load. The triple skin floor with two integrated driveline cavities addS even weight distribution and maximum strength. 

With no internal side obstructions and benefiting from narrow driveline cavities, combined with the integrated lower rotor protection, this prevents pre-screened material falling through the back of the bucket and also adds strength to the shell. 

The Driveline 

The Gyru-Star compact screening system is driven by a hydraulic motor via synchrochain carbon belt and pulley system with pretensionsed self adjusting, belt tensioners and sealed internal bearings for a durable clean, low to zero maintenance product. 

Fragment Sizes


The largest fragment size available on our Gyru-Star screening compact screening systems. 


The intermediate fragment size available on our Gyru-Star compact screening systems. 


The smallest fragment size available on our Gyru-Star screening buckets; perfect for pipeline and cable padding and other fine screening applications.  

The Stars

Made from polyurethane these flexible stars are used to create a rolling action inside the bucket, the star rotors agitate the material, causing the fines to fall through the rotating stars leaving the oversized in material in the bucket.

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Through the Kustom Konnect brand we can offer interfaces to suit your Gyru-Star compact screening system`s carrier/s.


It is possible to have interfaces made to suit both loaders and excavators. 


All Gyru-Star SL screening buckets come with a dedicated skid steer interface ready to be used.


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After Care

We offer one years parts warranty, subject to T`s and C`s, all new buckets purchased through our Gyru-Star dealer network. To make a claim or if you are having problems with your Gyru-Star compact screening system please contact your local dealer or email:                                                                                                                                         - Dealer Finder  

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Our Ranges 

The smallest buckets in the Gyru-star compact screening family.

With 3 models available to suit your  1 - 5 ton mini`s. 

2-50E     |      3-60E     |      3-80E

                          -  See Our E Range 

The mid-range buckets in the      Gyru-Star compact screening family. With 4 models available to suit 4 - 13 ton excavators. 

3-100HE | 3-120HE | 4-100HE


                           - See Our HE Range 

Largest range in the Gyru-Star compact screening family. 

With 3 models available to suit 7 - 30 ton excavators. 

3-150HDX  |  4-150HDX  |  6-150HDX 


-  See Our HDX Range

The dedicated loader range in the Gyru-Star compact screening family.

With 3 models available to suit 1 - 5 ton compact mini loaders and tractors. 

2-100L    |   3-100L    |     3-120L


                        -  See Our L Range

The dedicated skid steer range in the Gyru-Star compact screening family.

With 3 models available to suit 1 - 5 ton compact mini loaders and tractors. 

2-100SL   |   3-100SL  |   3-120SL


                       -  See Our SL Range

Largest Capacity range in the    Gyru-Star compact screening family. 

With 10 models available to suit        7 - 30 ton excavators. 

   3-80MAX   |  3-100MAX  |  3-120MAX     3-150MAX |  4-100MAX  |  4-120MAX     4-150MAX |  5-150MAX  |  6-150MAX 


-  See Our MAX Range


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