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Through the Kustom Konnect brand we can offer interfaces to suit your Gyru-Star compact screening system`s carrier/s.


It is possible to have interfaces made to suit both loaders and excavators. 


All Gyru-Star SL screening buckets come with a dedicated skid steer interface ready to be used.


For more information please email:   

Hydraulic Cross over Kit

The Gyru-Star cross over kit allows the hydraulic hoses to be centred around the interface contact point. 

Standard on 4, 5 & 6 rotor buckets. 

Fragment Reduction Kit

The three fragment sizes available are;

20-0mm            15-0mm         10-0mm

Additional shafts are available with your Gyru-Star screening bucket. If you wish to have additional shafts for Gyru-Star screening bucket please contact your local dealer. 

Non Stick Floor

This option is standard on all buckets as of 2021 and can help prevent the build up of material inside the bucket if It is particularly wet and sticky. 

This accessory is welded into the floor of the bucket and can not be added after sales. 

This is now standard on all buckets as of 2021!

Comb Kits

Our Gyru-Star Compact Screening Systems can accelerate the drying and conditioning of soil and compost. When the material is screened by our Gyru-Star buckets a rolling action is created agitating the material, this adds air into the mixture allowing the product to dry more easily. 

This is standard on all nominal 15-0mm and nominal 10-0mm fragment reduction kits.