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Gyru-Star 6-150HDX screening soil wide


Product Information 6-150HDX

The Gyru-Star 6-150HDX, this fast effective screening system is 1500mm wide with 6 rotors pack with flexi-stars made of polyurethane. Our 6 rotor series all have 3 hydraulic motors, place inside on integrated drive line cavity and a carbon belt and pulley system balancing out weight distribution on the other side. 

Screening Area 

1030 x 1500 mm

41 x 59 inch


16 - 24 ton Excavators

35200 - 52900 lbs Excavators

6 - 10 ton Loader Lift Capacity 

19800 - 33000 lbs Loader Lift Capacity


1.2 m³

1.57 yd³


160 lpm

42 gpm


1360 Kg

3000 lbs


200 bar

2900 PSI


Here you can see the Gyru-Star 6-150HDX  fitted with our brand kustom konnect Volvo S60 combie interface. allowing the bucket to be used on a loader as well as an excavator without changing the interface. 

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